Using Git in Rails production server workflow

In my projects I use Git as part of the deployment process. When I'm developing a new app and it's ready for production first I setup a non-bare repo in the Rails project itself:
benoror@macmini:~/simpleapp $ git init
benoror@macmini:~/simpleapp $ git add .
benoror@macmini:~/simpleapp $ git commit -a -m "First commit"
Then I just zip and copy the project to the production server. After extract it I clone it as a bare repo:
benoror@dreamhost:~ $ git clone --bare simpleapp simpleapp.git
This bare repo will act as the main repo (who said central?). Then I just add a remote origin in my computer:
benoror@macmini:~/simpleapp $ git remote add origin ssh://
I assume you already copied your SSH keys and credentials. The workflow is as follows:

1. When I make changes in my computer just commit and push:
benoror@macmini:~/simpleapp $ git push origin master
2. Then I log into my production server and pull changes in the non-bare repo:
benoror@macmini:~/simpleapp $ ssh
benoror@dreamhost:~ $ cd simpleapp

benoror@dreamhost:~/simpleapp $ git
3. I have automatized the deployment process with a script that pull changes, restart Passenger, migrate db in case of schema has changed and finally re-index Sphinx.